Other people say should be important to you. The question of one’s own self is of existential importance and the answer to the core question What makes me the person I am provides clarity. In my bookI talk about focusing strategieswithout which you cannot climb the career ladder. This includesfor examplestrengthening strengths and building resilience. Strengthening resilience helps to cope with stress and manage crises. well. Charge your battery regularly by setting a rhythm in your everyday lifeie phases of tension are follow by phases of relaxation. The constant dance on the razor blade is just as counterproductive as.

Give meaning to pauses as

A life of complete idleness. The break serves as an expansion joint not only for relaxationbut also to come up with new ideas. Create regular space for Bolivia Phone Number List pausing and mitation. Pay attention to your thoughts and turn away from deficit thinking and . Avoid what you don’t want and create a I definitely don’t want that! list. You take it easy on yourself by learning to say yes to what you want and no to what you want what you don’t want. when we say yes and mean no. Above allseparate yourself from energy-sapping people and things so that you can waste your energy elsewhere. Where it’s worth it. Would you like to.

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Towards focusing on strengths

Get to know the ten steps to a unique. Personality and build your own personal brand Then order the book Personal Branding through Focusing by Anke KY Lists Nienkerke-Springer here! About the author dr Anke Nienkerke-Springer is consider a leading expert for change processestop management coaching and consulting. As managing director and owner of Nienkerke-Springer Consultingshe advises and coaches people on their way to personal brandsamong other things. gic and operational decisions to an appropriate level and to create a sound basis for success. Ann-Kathrin Grottke studi mia management and is part of the eology marketing team. She takes care of the dissemination of the collect eology knowlge and shares her know-how inMarketing studies – Diverse career opportunities for.

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