Planning and control with regard to information evaluation and processing (keywords: data mining sales information systems customer relationship management systems . If one or more of these points are present it is very likely that one of relevant KPI’s. Use KPIs correctly Key performance indicators (KPIare purpose-orient logical and mathematically link parameters of performance-orient marketing. Three functions can be identifi with KPIs: Analysis function (e.g. key figure system for determining brand strength  (key figures as standard specifications e.g. return on investment Documentation.

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Function storage of plann and actual valuesThe design of suitable KPIs depends on the specific objective in marketing. Therefore the simple sentence Iceland Phone Number List applies to KPI’s: Without strategic goals there are no meaningful KPIs. KPIs in performance marketing A structur process along the customer journey is ideal for deriving relevant KPIs . The DIM Marketing Canvas focuses on customer behavior when considering marketing activities. approach: DIM Marketing Canvas IT Marketing The Marketing Canvas presents the main decision-making levels in market cultivation and structures them as follows: Activation phase and positioning.

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Steering and control function

The process from the first contact with the potential target group to the use of a service begins with the activation phase. At this point there is no ne KY Lists from a target group perspective and information is only process passively. Taking into account the specifics of the target group it should be determin and communicat what constitutes a company’s performance and what it can do for the target group in order to arouse the nes of the target group and get into the customer’s mindset. With regard to the target group it is important to analyze the situation in which the target customer is and how to raise awareness of the ne. The decisive KPI for measuring success is the reach for example the degree.

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