Following three company examples show the successful application of digital signage in the B C context. . Sephora Cosmetics chain Sephora  signage in combination with innovative technology indoors. With the help of a virtual simulator customers can test the cosmetics digitally. For example customers can select an eyeshadow color on the touchscreen and then see the color on the eyelids on the display. The display thus acts as a mirror. The image moves perfectly with the customer’s movements and adapts to the light. This increases customer satisfaction and ruces the likelihood of product returns.

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British Airways British Airways ran a successful campaign using digital signage : the digital signage was link to the company’s flight information so the child Honduras Phone Number List pictur point up at the planes as they flew by. The  flight number and the destination of the flight. This measure illustrates the perfect combination of entertainment (entertainmentand information transfer – infotainment. . Update The Swish pharmacy Hjärtat also creat an outdoor digital signage  up in shopping streets with a built-in smoke detector. When smokers walk by the smoke detector trigger the coughing of the person depict on the billboard.

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After that some products design to help quit smoking were featur on the billboard. . Recommendation for the use of digital signage The optimal use of KY Lists digital signage is achiev by seamlessly integrating the digital signage methodology into the content and marketing strategy. No new strategy should be creat for the use of digital signage but rather serve to expand this strategy. Due to increas touchpoints with the customer the digital signage solution enables innovative customer communication and experiences. Technological innovations in particular contribute to this. The use of interactive digital signage solutions is a way of creating customer experiences and ultimately retaining customers In addition.

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