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Information about possible incentives. An employee survey at car manufacturers such as PorscheMerces or Volkswagen would probably show motivates employees a lot. At another companyit might be a special vacation policy that creates happiness or a bad atmosphere. Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in many companies.  the company is taking enough steps to ensure a good work-life balance. New working time models or company childcare could improve the situation here. . Employee survey or personal interview Employee survey or personal interview Critics of employee surveys emphasize that they are superfluous if there are enough face-to-face discussions with.

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Employees However proponents of this method note that a face-to-face conversation is rarely structur. Thereforeit cannot replace a survey using a Ghana Phone Number List questionnaire. Of coursea well-conduct conversation between boss and employee is useful. Howeverat least the clerk will not answer honestly to certain questions. which he finds himself keeps him from doing so. During the surveyon the other handthe employee can remain completely anonymous and does not have to fear reprisals if he gives a negative answer. Thereforeevery company should conduct an employee survey at least at regular intervals.

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Five DIM tips for successful employee surveys Tip  for your employee survey Pay attention to relevant survey topics Beforehandthink in detail about KY Lists which subject areas you would like to inquire about. A comprehensive survey covering all relevant areas is also an option. Howevercare should be taken here that the employee survey does not become too lengthyas this could otherwise lead to distortions in the data collection. It is also a good idea to regularly record the general work situation in order to obtain benchmarks and also to carry out employee surveys with specific topics at any time . Tip  for your employee survey Consider results per department Break down the results by department so you can see differences between.

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