Management  The successful product managerwith Marc Harmeyer in Cologne or online Inform now Mon,  Product management – The successful product manager with Marc Harmeyer in Cologne or online Inform now Legend Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry, fully book. Application examples of reverse positioning   illustrat with different examples. JetBlue airline has chosen to omit some essential elements that other airlines value. There is no special service, no meals, no first class and no round-trip tickets. So Jet Blue represents a simple low-cost airline. Instead, however luxurious equipment with leather seats is offer.

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More legroom and an extraordinary entertainment system. In this way, the airline was able to gain a unique position in the market and differentiate itself Bolivia Phone Number List from the competition. Another example is the IKEA furniture store,  of products, sales consultants and services. Unlike other furniture stores, it is not important that a piece of furniture should  kept for as long as possible, but that it should  replac as often as possible. In addition, exceptional services, such as Småland and the restaurant, and a special ambience are offer, which also differentiates it from other furniture stores. Conclusion By doing away with standard elements and adding.

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A few special elements instead, customers get a tter overview of what is on offer and it is easier to use the services on offer. Both JetBlue and IKEA KY Lists can address large and, above all, mix customer groups thanks to their backward positioning. The concept of reverse positioning brings with it a numr of advantages for companies.  competitors, these companies can gain a larger share of the market and a unique position in the Micro-Influencers You should know that Micro-influencers are part of the influencer marketing trend that has en dominant for several years. In the meantime, marketing in cooperation with influencers has come firmly establish and is us by both.

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