The figures in this study are consistent with other work that has found that there has en a noticeable trend towards rural relocation for months such as a study by the Pestel Institute . Overall several factors work together here Many companies have recogniz that working from home can significantly ruce their workplace costs.  has recently pick up spe in rural areas as well. For years rents and property costs in urban areas and areas connect to such areas with good transport connections have come extremely expensive whereas prices in rural areas have even stagnat in many places. The lockdowns and shutdowns ensur that.

Many people are moving to rural

Logistics were expand and the delivery of goods increas massively. After so many months many employees have gotten us to the home office in all its Chile Phone Number List facets and with all the amenities. Therefore what is currently happening is only logical  areas which are the only ones that are still really cheap where they could not live fore mainly due to the ne to work in person. It is already evident in many places that rents for business premises are stagnating and in some cases even falling. Whole office towers are only us by a fraction of the plann numr of people – and more and more companies are asking themselves why they should not.

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Estate sector that are currently preventing

Generally downsize in view of this. For many experts it is only the mostly long-term leases in the commercial real  the market from slipping even KY Lists further. Not least due to the fact that many of those who are now moving to the countryside are doing so in the form of their own property (to which the interest rate situation is again contributing) this effect will hardly  revers in the coming years. In other words the more employees are turning their backs on urban areas now and in the near future the fewer incentives there are for companies to keep and pay for large-volume premises there The.

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