Respective shop You can create click paths on your. Website this then has the same effect as pretermin paths in the store. Also try to arrange your offer in a visually appealing way and thus practice successful visual merchandising. driven by a professional design of the POS with the right visual stimuli. You can find more options for the right design of the point of sale here . In the course of trade marketingyou can successfully increase your sales. Seminar Trade Marketing – current sales promotion Would you like to learn more about successful sales promotionThere are extensive possibilities in trading so that the selection of the right.

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Strategy must  learn! In our seminar Trade Marketing – Current Sales Promotion you will get a structur insight into the modern tools and . Find out Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List now about the exact content and current dates Mon Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein Cologne or onlineInform now Mon Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein CologneInform now W Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Would you like to implement your POS marketing professionally and promote sales directly on site The experienc consultants at the.

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German Institute for Marketing will  happy to help you and work with you to develop a tailor-made strategy!  we know what is important! Contact KY Lists us for a personal consultation sThen visit our Agile Marketing seminar . Find out more about the content here or secure a place for the seminar now Project Kick-Off – Podcast Project Management    vote Project kick off After you have carefully plann and prepar a project it is now time to turn fiction into reality. The start of a project is already an important indicator of the course and outcome of your project. Our sixth episode of the Project.

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