Quantitative goals must  achiev so that you can speak of realizing your qualitative goals. . Analyze target group If the goals are  of specific marketing measures cannot take place without further ado. fore doing so it is important to analyze your target group and then to define it. How can you generate tailor- you don’t know your target group exactly– Your marketing activities would only come to nothing. You have to know the nes and wishes of your customers as precisely as possible in order to  able to use them for individualiz marketing. For a precise target group analysis the following data and characteristics.

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Should  collect and analyz Demographic data (age gender marital status place of residence Socio-economic data (level of ucation occupation List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers income Psychographic data (motivation opinions desires values lifestyle Purchasing havior (price sensitivity satisfaction purchase range mia use Bas on the analysis results you can now define your target group exactly . A successful approach to target group determination is the development of personas . Personas are fictional people who represent your target audience(s. In order to  able to market your product or service optimally you should always act in the interests of the customer. By developing a persona the characteristics.

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Your target group can  summariz and organiz in a fictitious person. . Identify USP or add value for the customer Now you know your target group exactly KY Lists and can win them over with tailor-made content! In order to  able to sell your product or service to create real add value. Find your USP  i.e. your unique selling point . A strong USP also known as a unique selling proposition  sets you apart from the crowd and is your personal selling point. Where are your strengthsWhat is in demand at the momentWhat makes you specialThe USP is what makes your company unique from the customer’s perspective and why customers buy from you and not from others You should.

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