The analysis simply explain with our. You Tu video on the matrix Analysis Criticism In recent years the analysis. Has en discuss and criticiz both in science and in business practice. The key points in the discussion are. analysis suggests a certain objectivity and neutrality. Despite the structur approach this is not the case. Both the selection of the evaluation dimensions and the assessment of whether something is a strength/weakness or an opportunity/risk are made on a subjective basis. The subjectivity can somewhat ruc if several people are involv in the identification phase of strengths and weaknesses and the criteria.

Temporal divergence in analysis As

Are compar with other reference values ​​in the sense of nchmarking. At the same time however the advantage of the method lies in its subjectivity. The UAE Phone Number List analysis can us in any corporate context and is therefore very flexible and solution-orient part of the portfolio opportunities/risks and strengths/weaknesses are compar. As part of the analysis it is often not taken into account that the strengths and weaknesses analysis is bas on past values. The strengths and weaknesses are the result of past decisions. However the opportunities and risks are aggregate states of the future. Compatibility is therefore often not given. Many managers reflect on the opportunities and risks in the here and now and in many cases ignore.

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Decisive factor in the analysis cause

The development of trends. The most common mistakes in a analysis A case that occurs very often in practice is the omission of a previously defin goal for the implementation of a analysis. However the previously defin goal is a otherwise the results KY Lists are too vague and cannot us further. Another common mistake is mixing internal and external factors. There is a strict separation of one’s own strengths and weaknesses (internal analysis) and opportunities and threats (external analysis) which is by no means easy but is crucial for a good analysis. It is often assum that once the internal and external factors have en brought together the analysis is complete. But here too there is a mistakecause.

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