Have had to account for ecological and social concerns in the company. This disclosure obligation is intend to encourage companies to do more for sustainability. The transparency creat in this way should strengthen the trust of the to the nefit of the company. sustainabilityis developing into a size by which companies can also  evaluat. This increases the willingness on the part of companies to consider ecological and social aspects in their decisions. However CSR measures are not a panacea for a tter image or popularity.

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It is undisput that fundamentally social commitment is well receiv by customers and the public. Nevertheless especially in small and mium-siz Portugal Phone Number List companies there is not enough budget available. The nefit of CSR on the sales side is consider proven. According to surveys % of customers are willing to change brands if they of the provider and % of consumers would pay more for products in Germany if the social commitment was appropriatethe company. willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies. These study results can also  understood in concrete practical examples. However corporate social.

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Responsibility obviously also pays off on the procurement markets side. % of – year olds expect social commitment from companies and when it comes KY Lists to job satisfaction % of these so-call Millennials state that they would  characteriz by particular social commitment. Against the background of the lack of skill workers which has en lament in many ways social commitment must  view as a necessary instrument for attracting qualifi workers yond the image component for the sales market. marketing change Examples of purpose-driven marketing Very few companies are still investigating the question of meaningIt is currently.

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