Marketing cookies and enable this content Artificial intelligence is a term that is not clearly defin in science and practice. Since the concept of intelligence is also not clearly defin the concept of artificial intelligence is also somewhat imprecise. Bas on the Turing test the German Institute for Marketing has the following basic understanding of AI: Artificial intelligence deals with how computers process perceptions compare them with learn algorithms and thereby trigger a target response / action. In AI a distinction is made language processing (NLPand deep learning. With the help of algorithms the machines should.

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Be able to perform tasks that are attribut to humans. This includes human achievements such as learning judgment and problem solving.  The research field of artificial intelligence is divid into various sub-areas which are list in the graphic below. Artificial intelligence – sub-areas Figure : The sub-areas of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence consists of the three areas of perception action and learning. These in turn are bas on other sub-disciplines that are essential for artificial intelligence . The sub-area of ​​perception consists of image processing which Armenia Phone Number List uses algorithms to analyze industrial processes among other things.  to the sub-area of ​​perception is us as a digital assistant in the form of chatbots or language assistants. Text recognition enables the conversion of various documents.

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Sub-areas of artificial intelligence

Into itable files This includes among other things scann paper documents or PDF files that are accessible using so-call Optical Character Recognition KY Lists OCRand thus have itable content. Face recognition is also a segment of perception and allows certain programs to uniquely identify people in digital images bas on certain characteristics. Machine learning deep learning reinforcement learning and crowdsourcing together form the sub-field of learning. The elementary techniques machine learning and deep learning are explain in more detail.

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