Should use to build your personal brand and how qualitative networking works. LinkIn offers enormous reach and gives you tools to optimally represent yourself and your company. Afterwards there will  enough time for questions. To person Britta hrens Britta hrens. Head of Corporate Influencer Program HRS Group HRS Group Britta hrens is a proven LinkIn marketing expert . She deals intensively with the topics of content marketing . She shares her knowlge in workshops. as an author and as a keynote speaker.

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She has en in charge of the Corporate Influencer Program at the HRS Group since April . Previously she was responsible for marketing at Piwik PRO a Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List European analytics provider. at which touchpoint xts story coaching and workshops. cause  journalism iswhoever can tell stories can sell. Speaker Jan Stranghöner Session Instagram Advertising – if you don’t start with Instagram advertising now your competitor will. Your key learningsHow much does reach on Instagram currently cost me Which goals and placements help you Special ad formats that only Instagram can do. How can filters.

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Us in advertising Instagram Shopping application ideas and implementation. To person Jan Jan Stranghöner Founder of Social Marketing Nerds KY Lists Social Marketing Nerds Speaker Regina Volz –  votes SessionSuccess factor podcast – How to get visibility with your podcast. To person Regina Volz CEO Volz Personnel Consulting Volz Personnel Consulting Ms. Regina Volz has en successfully running her own personnel consultancy  Volz Personalratung  for many years and is an expert in the areas of headhunting recruiting leadership and new placement. Advertisement – ​​a classic in corporate communication –  votes Are you interest in classic advertisements Seriously Does classic advertising still play a role at all these days – Anyone who thinks that the advertisement has long since outdat is very wrong. At this point advertising via digital mia is.

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