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To appear as high as possible in a search engine ranking and thus increase the reach of its own website. Search engine optimization (SEOis therefore all measures that improve the ranking of your own website in the search results. behind search engine optimization (SEOand search engine advertising (SEAin Europe at least in terms of distribution. However marketing managers should not make the mistake of neglecting search engines as a marketing channel. There are important reasons that make search engine optimization still extremely important – perhaps even more important than social mia for.

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Many companies What do you have to consider when doing search engine optimization Due to the advantages andof the website in the hit list enables Portugal Phone Number List website operators try to achieve this right from the start through search engine optimization – but what all has to be consider Google basically takes two factors into account when determining the relevance of a page namely the on-page and off-page factors . Onpage factors are relatively easy to influence as they are directly limit to the design of one’s own homepage.

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In contrast the off-page factors are more difficult to influence. In addition to these two factors. However a number of other ranking factors must now be KY Lists taken into account such as visitor behavior. Regarding visitor behaviorIn particular the length of time the user stays on a website and the bounce rate are consider. The consequence of this is that the quality of websites with a short dwell time and a high bounce rate are view by Google as being of poorer quality and slide down in the ranking. Another new factor that is taken into account are so-call social signals ie user activities in social networks such as Facebook shares. If a Facebook page is shar more frequently than.

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