Ranking Basically it can first  said that You  has a great interest in positioning high-quality videos well in the search results. exactly what they promis fore they click. cause YouTu doesn’t survey user expectations the video platform chose to measure the following metricsYouTu  – Ranking Factor  Views Video Views A crucial YouTu  factor is how many people have already watch the video. The more views there are the more likely YouTu is to assume that the video is interesting. So bring as many interest eyes to your.

The more people you reach the

Video as possible Share it with friends and acquaintances advertise post it in Facebook groups emb it on your website and integrate the video link in your China Phone Number List newsletter.  easier it will  to find your video afterwards. YouTu  – ranking factor  how long people watch Resourceful video marketers quickly realiz that the views influence the rankings of the video. This meant that viewers were simulat through increas clicks from different end devices. To make this process more difficult YouTu now also evaluates how long the video is watch. So one factor in YouTu  is play time. The longer users watch the more interesting the video seems to.

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Prevent viewers from jumping off

However if a video is click away after just a few seconds this is an indication that it is irrelevant. So only show your video to people who are basically KY Lists interest in the topic. Design the video in such a way that a suspense curve is built up.  prematurely with a preview a synopsis or particularly meaningful content at the end of the video. YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Interactions with your video Another YouTu  factor is viewer interactions. If the video is shar lik or comment on it improves its visibility in YouTu search results. If your video is particularly rich and unique it will get shar and lik. Controversial content often entices viewers to comment Of course.

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