Common is that the cause/measure and their intend effect diverge in some way. Slightly more general than the carry-over effect the spill-over effect descris an expansion of the effect of a communicative measure that goes yond the desir target area. positive and negative. In practice a distinction is made tween three variants: The spillover effect affects other products within the product range; The spillover effect affects other target groups that were not originally in focus; The effect is postpon to a later point in time. carry-over effect The temporal dimension of this spill-over effect can ultimately also describ as the carry-over effect.

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The object-relat spill-over effect in turn can call a transfer or participation effect . This descris the transfer of the image of a product – typically Egypt Phone Number List a brand article –  company. If this is expient in the context of strategic brand management – see umbrella brand strategy – the resulting positive effect is also often referr to as the umbrella effect . On the other hand if the influences are detrimental to the achievement of the goal this is referr to as a cannibalization effect . Of course there are also negative ones identify.

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Spillover effects Now not only is the desir success of a communicative measure miss but the effect is almost exactly the opposite.  recipients of the KY Lists advertising message react in such a way that it runs counter to the intentions of the sender. Such a reaction can typically occur when the target person ing court perceives for example a large discrepancy tween their own attitude towards the product and the content convey and thus perceives massive advertising as neglecting which then reinforces the originally negative attitude. In such a constellation one speaks of a boomerang effect. The so-call decay effect or wear-out effect.

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