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Appearance of the products. Only when interest is arous is a product click on and the product description or customer ratings read. A professional and appealing product presentation through images is therefore a must for shop operators. This is what professional product images look like in e-commerce When it comes to product images the focus is clearly on quality. The images must be high-resolution and of high quality. product as a whole and special features come into their own. Therefore not only a picture should be taken of a product but pictures should be taken from different angles. Because in the online shop the customer does not have the opportunity to take the product in his own hands and examine it.

Product images in e-commerce

Closely That’s why a frontal shot is not enough. The product images must offer the interest party the opportunity to view the product from all sides. Color Indonesia Phone Number List fastness also plays a role in this context. Distort colors on product images increase the return rate because buyers expect something different bas on the image. In order to offer the product images not only in your own online shop but also on Amazon or eBay for example the images in different formats. Unfortunately cropping images on your own with free image iting programs is often at the expense of the resolution. It is better to leave the scaling to a professional.

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A service provider that not only takes professional product images for e-commerce but also its them is W Foto . The provider who specializes in product KY Lists photography has experience in staging a wide variety of products. W Foto is a reliable and inexpensive partner especially for online shops that have a limit budget or have no use for an in-house photographer. Product images in e-commerce – do-it-yourself vs. outsourcing Every shop operator is fac with the question: should I take my product pictures myself or hire a professional Self-photography is flexible and can be.

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