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Marketing Jobs der Zukunft  Artificial Intelligence Engineer Artificial intelligence will shape the marketing of the future. The artificial intelligence engineer develops algorithms that allow the machines to make prictions (about customer behavior or similar or to automate processes. He represents the link between technology and people. For examplehe programs chatbots that take over the daily customer dialogue and creates smarter ads in order to be able to place even more precise advertising. An exciting marketing job that will be of.

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Enormous importance in the future. Marketing jobs Marketing Jobs of the Future #  Voice Search Optimizer Language assistants such List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu as AlexaSiri or Cortana are currently on everyone’s lips and are becoming increasingly popular.  still runs parallel to the usual text searchbut in the future the existing data will have to be adapt to the search queries of the users. An interesting activity reserv for the Voice Search Optimizer. He solves the problems with the device and ensures a millless search via voice command. Alexa Skills Office Marketing Manager The Display Marketing Manager creates and oversees PR campaigns on the Internet. He is responsible for booking advertising.

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Space on the Internet and decides which imagesvideos and animations are us. He also determines the form of advertisingsuch as bannersskyscraperspop KY Lists ups or layer adswhich is display on the website. Marketing jobs of the future #  SEA expert Another activity that revolves around the world of search engines. In contrast to SEOSEA is a paid measure. engine advertising describes all measures that serve to optimize advertisements and achieve improv placement through payment. The budget plays a big role heresince the SEA manager pays for keywords. He also creates reportsmanages campaigns relat to keyword advertising and monitors the website. This means that the SEA manager monitors keyword trends or adjusts the website’s cost-per-click. This is carri outfor examplewith the help of Google Adwords. Google enables.

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