Technology The aim of the optimization is to provide users with a technically flawless quickly loading and unique page with attractive content. are consider as part of the on-page optimization especially the content and the technology. The technology includes for example the website structure and the URLs of the website. In addition your website should consist of clean code that dispenses with unnecessary characters and extras. The optimization of the content includes among other things the unique and up-to-date texts  texts internal.

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Links to other pages and contributions on your homepage or the writing of title tags and meta descriptions.  overriding aspect of on-page optimization Shandong Mobile Phone Number List Since more and more internet users surf the internet with their smartphone or tablet the mobile display is now one of the most important criteria of all.  your website adapts to the end device us by the user. low we have list a few of the core areas of on-page optimization for youWebsite structure and URLs Title tag & meta description Unique and up-to-date texts and content Use of synonyms in the texts Using appropriate alt tags for graphics.

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Clean L code Internal and external links Mobile optimization  responsive web design   course  Analysis Part Offpage Optimization In a way off KY Lists page optimization is the exact opposite of on-page optimization. Here you do not make the adjustments directly on your website. Rather off-page optimization is about building a good reputation. The so-call backlinks are primarily us for this purpose. These are links from other websites to articles or pages on your website. Such backlinks are an important factor for search engines like Google cause they indicate that your content is interesting enough for other websites to recommend it to their visitors. However you ne to keep a few things in mind here. In principle of course it is true that.

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