Reference potential measures the numr of attractive possible buyers that an existing customer can influence positively or negatively through recommendation . Such references are often much more important than direct sales from a customer. The size of the reference potential depends on two factors The properties of the reference encoder  concern Charisma cribility competence involvement and satisfaction of the referrer are important aspects for the intensity of the recommendation. References are particularly important for socially conspicuous products such as cars or clothing. However references can.

The characteristics of the products services

Also have a negative effect dissatisfi customers can dissuade potential new customers from their decision which means that the value of a dissatisfi customer Germany Phone Number List is negative. . Potential for longer-term customer loyalty duration of the business relationship tween customer satisfaction and the duration of the business relationship. Therefore there is a relationship tween customer satisfaction and customer value. The potential for long-term customer retention also overlaps with other elements of customer value. The reference potential of a customer depends for example on the extent of his satisfaction. Customer satisfaction analyzes and the estimat duration of the business relationship provide information about the satisfaction.

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Normally there is a positive correlation

Valuable customers and their value. . Information Potential The information potential of a customer includes all  a company receives from the customer KY Lists and uses accordingly. The information potential includes among other things suggestions for innovation positive statements and complaints. A customer-orient information system is us to record and evaluate customer information. . Willingness to Pay The critworthiness and willingness to pay of a customer influences his payment haviour. The provider can determine the assessment of the payment havior  for example by means of a crit scoring of its customers in order to minimize liquidity risks In the the customers with regard to their.

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