Your own content on your website in relation to other websites on the World Wide Web. The abbreviation PDF stands for Within Document Frequency. In this case it is analyz how often the respective keyword is contain on the website how long the respective text is and how often relat terms appear in the text. IDF in turn stands for Inverse Document Frequency. This value descris how much weight a word in the document has for indexing in the search engine. It is possible to analyze how the ratio of the keywords looks on similar websites how long the texts of the competition.

Document Frequency Denotes the relevance

Are or how often the respective mentions appear in the texts WDF = Within Document Frequency Measures the frequency of all words in the text and New Zealand Phone Numbers List evaluates them according to their relevance to the content IDF = Inverse /weighting of a word for search engine indexing The analysis is therefore us to determine how the  within the text is direct to one another or how they relate to the entire website. analysis That is why  analyzes are important The analyzes bring you advantages in two respects. On the one hand you can incorporate important terms into your texts that.

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In addition to this you can use

You may not have had on your radar immiately. The analysis can therefore  helpful in finding terms and thus in finding new topics. the analysisFind out KY Lists which words should  preserv in the text so that your content is rat as unique. This point in particular plays an important role in the area of ​​search engine optimization. Google and other search engines are coming tter and tter at analyzing the semantic context of websites. With unique and semantically optimiz texts you have tter chances than if you just include as many keywords as possible in your content . How to use analyzes correctly Die.

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