Study You can find the presentation hereB B Content Marketing. Content Marketing Manager DIM ⇒ Content Marketing Studies The following studies were publish in The Global Content Impact Index In May  the tool provider Acrolinx publish an international content marketing study.  companies were analyz for errors and readability using linguistic software. The study shows once again how important it is to have error-free content and shows that many companies still have some catching up to do. The study can.

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Request Do you ne help with the conception and implementation of successful campaigns banner blindness. in-app advertisingbut achieve some Canada Phone Number List success in monetization. pport. We support you in the planning creation and marketing of your white paper . Register now and position yourself as an expert in your industry! YouTu  – The Most Important Ranking Factors YouTu  – What is that you may  thinking. YouTu is not only the largest video platform in the world but also a huge search engine. It is therefore logical that you can also do search engine optimization here. Interest parties can  found on YouTu for every subject area which results in lucrative opportunities. However many niches are highly.

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Competitive and you have to assert yourself against numerous competitors. In order to  successful here one must understand the criteria according to KY Lists which YouTu  results. Getting a good position here is decisive for the success of a video. YouTu  Contents YouTu  – quality prevails in the ranking YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Views Video Views YouTu  – ranking factor  how long people watch YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Interactions with your video YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Subscrirs YouTu  – Ranking Factor  Where do visitors come from and where do they go YouTu  – Ranking Factor  What you talk about in the video YouTu  – The integration of keywords . The title . The description . The file name . The tags YouTu  – ConclusionA good YouTu video nes good marketing  quality prevails in the.

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