Initiative is necessary. How does further ucation affect a career If you ask HR managers about their assessment of the effect of further training  the verdict is clearpercent lieve that it promotes professional advancement and percent seea salary increase for employees. Researchers at the ZEW (Center for European Economic Research) have stat that this actually brings more money in this specific case . According to the results of the study employees receive an average of six percent more salary for further training that expands their general professional skills. Essentially the jump in salary refers to a higher salary in the event.

Further training as the basis for

Of a subsequent job change. Two thirds of all graduates of the IHK advanc training courses also stat that they would then hold a higher position and earn Bahrain Phone Number List more.  ucation If the supervisor orders a further training measure this does not necessarily . It is much tter receiv in the company when employees approach their employer and proactively suggest further training . In doing so they should not only keep an eye on their perspectives in the respective company but also make sure that the content also serves to promote personal skills that are not company-specific . In this case further training can take the graduate yond short-term career opportunities and provide the basis for a job or industry.

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Personal initiative is crucial Continuing

Change Define personal learning goals The fact isFurther training that goes yond the horizon of the current position brings in hard cash when KY Lists changing jobs – training for the existing job is usually not reward. The responsibility for choosing the right learning content lies entirely with the individual. But how can those interest in continuing ucation determine which programs will give them a long-term advantage . Define professional goals Interest parties should clarify for themselves where they want to  at the end of a – – or -year timeline in their career. An optimal area of ​​responsibility should  defin  towards which one wants to move towards. Formulations according to which further training should make it possible to leave the.

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