Is the desire to consider the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing measures. Marketing effectiveness means that certain goals have been achiev with marketing tools. This means that measures were taken that l to the achievement of goals (doing the right things. The effectiveness of marketing activities comprises two components: the optimization of actions towards customers (e.g. direct marketing public relations sales  sales customer support and serviceand the organization of the infrastructure and processes for the optimal use of these customer actions. Marketing efficiency determines the degree of profitability.

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Of marketing activities. This means that the cost of the measures is set in relation to the yield. A measure has been carri outcould achieve a Hungary Phone Number List better input-output ratio. When should you use marketing KPIs In general there are various reasons why KPIs are increasingly us in marketing: Due to rising marketing costs and at the same time growing customer demands on company services marketing is increasingly requir to success effectiveness bas on hard facts and to prove the so-call return on marketing in order to limit budgets. In addition marketing like other corporate functions is under scrutiny as to whether and to what extent it can contribute to increasing the value of the company with the resources it uses.

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Efficiency Management and controlling concepts in particular value-orient company management and scorecard approaches lead to increasing KY Lists pressure on those responsible for marketing to operationalize marketing-relevant facts using key figures to make them measurable and to present them using concrete financial figures. In many companies marketing is often due to deficits in coordination and implementation . This means that there is not always consistency from strategy to implementation. Also goals are often not set as binding and operative marketing is not integrat across all areas and instruments. New information systems and technologies enable new approaches in marketing.

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