German Institute for Marketing Product management – ​​The successful product manager Would you like to learn more about product management In our Product Management seminar – The successful product manageryou will learn all the methods and strategies you ne to bring your business processes forward. We teach you the skills of a successful product manager! Find out more about the exact content and current dates here.

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Management The successful product  now Mon. Product management – The successful product managerwith Marc Harmeyer in Cologne or online Tunisia Phone Number List Inform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left Sorry fully book.  are fac with a market saturation with your offer this does not automatically mean that you have to exit the market. There are still some ways to continue generating revenue successfully. Howeversuch measures must then  taken at an early stage in order to avoid the degeneration phase and to protect oneself from financial ruin in the worst-case scenario. Some of these possibilities are list low: Brand relaunch Master.

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Anew start! Done correctlyyou can increase your brand value and successfully reposition yourself! This option is initially associat with high costs and a lengthy KY Lists process. Howeversales can  significantly increas in this way. Price ruction At the ginning of the  sell your offer at a slightly higher price. Howeverif you are in the saturation phaseyou should think about a price ruction in order to generate new customers. Pay attention to the right pricing strategy at the right time in the course of the product life cycle! Innovations Reinvent yourself! Adapt to the market and give your customers add value over the competition. Successful innovation management can quickly bring you back to the front! Diversification Expand your sales territory! Switch to other regions and ensure the continu existence of your company with.

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