Wide range of advantages: Feback from experienc brand consultants Expertise in the branding process Professional reflection of your brand Our moderators are neutral and are focus on moderation processes and the goals to achiev ntent and dates here: tween individual and umbrella brand strategy votes You offer several products or services and now only have to market them strategically A brand is ne! However this does not necessarily have to ar the name of your company. This can actually a detrimental branding strategy especially if you’re selling offerings from different product families For example let’s say.

Family brand strategy the compromise

You are a manufacturer of shampoo shower gel and the like. At the same time you are also a manufacturer of dishwasher tabs and other Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List cleaning agents. Since the two product groups cannot easily summariz in one category it would make  to sell them together under one brand. With the help of the family brand strategythis can done more easily and efficiently. Find out what this is all about in this post! What is a family brand anyway A family brand is where several relat products are sold under a single brand. This brand was explicitly newly develop for this product group and differs from the company brand and thus.

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Little marketing sense for you

The manufacturer’s name hind the brand. The family brand strategy is often us when a company produces many different products. This KY Lists means that similar products can easily accommodat in one brand and differentiat from other . So if a company manufactures and sells products from many different segments the family branding strategy can a helpful and effective branding strategy . A popular and vivid example is the family brand Nivea. Many do not even know that Nivea is not a name of the manufacturer of body care products. Nivea is a brand of the iersdorf company which was specifically develop for the marketing of this one product group. In addition to Nivea the adhesive products of the tesa brand also long to the.

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