Social mia Would you like to increase awareness improve your image address new target groups increase sales or customer loyalty It is important that you define qualitative as well as quantitative goals and make sure that you formulate these goals clearly and precisely. Also think in advance how you can achieve or support these goals with the help of the various social mia channels. . Target Groups Target group definition – specifically in relation to the social mia channels A target group definition is elementary for all social mia marketing measures. The strategy can only  optimally align to the customers if you know them and their nes wishes and interests exactly. Think about who you want to address. May you just want to address one of several target groups.

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Your product or service using the social mia strategy – define this from the ginning! Bas on collect information and data about your target group it is Estonia Phone Number List helpful to create personasto  develop and continuously updat.  group even tter and  them. Generate vari and above all interesting content! A basic rule is that your content must not only consist of advertising content! First ask yourself what you’re looking for when you’re on social mia – are you looking to promote a new product or service Probably not! Social mia is us for entertainment brainstorming stimulation and exchange. This means that content in the sense of permanent advertising and spam will not lead to success here. Of course you also run online campaigns for your customers and advertise your product or service – but the right.

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Mix and variety is the key to success. low we list some types of content that you can use to score points in your social mia strategy  Storytelling  Users love KY Lists entertaining stories! Humour memes and jokes are always well receiv! Interesting news facts etc. Nice pictures quotes etc Sweepstakesand innovations Instructions and help on current offers Tips and Tricks Team presentations and hind the scenes of the company videos online campaigns User Generat Content Links e.g. to interesting blog posts or productsThere are many more ideas on how to entertain your customers and successfully expand your social mia strategy.  It is important that you communicate clear messages Do not try to hide.

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