Lasting improvement. If we don’t just pay lip service the entire economy should  stronger and healthier in the future. Perhaps less willing to take risks but on a safer foundation. video meetings stock. ado Alex from the Rock The joy of  will increase An important reason why Corona caus problems for many companies was the fact that they were previously rather sluggish and conservative when it came to trying out new working models. For comparison In the last year fore Corona the digital industry association Bitkom report that only percent of all permanent employees were allow to work from home but most did not make use of it.

Experimentation in terms of work

In practice therefore only a very small proportion of all companies and employees had experience with home office and even fewer with permanent home Cameroon Phone Number List work of the entire team. The Zukunftsinstitut writes the following about this  will prevail that many things in the area of ​​new working models should  tri and approv again and again. The spontaneous transformation not only fuel our ability to work from the kitchen table at home it also made us very clearly aware of what we miss about the office – and what we don t. This does not only mean a success for New Work concepts. It is also a great advantage for making work more.

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For the time after Corona the realization

Flexible Last but not least the compatibility of family and work should  significantly improv in the future – something that Germany in particular had a lot KY Lists of catching up to do in the pre-pandemic period. Total return to understanding of places of work is also in this vein. fore Corona many entrepreneurs were firmly convinc that the vast majority of work could only  done on site under their aegis – and that didn’t just mean the office. Of course the sudden compulsion to change here was also a very painful process in many cases. But he made it abundantly clear how little work can really only  done on-site—and that includes virtually no work done exclusively on a computer However.

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