Does a family brand strategy make sense – Advantages If a company offers many products from different segments it can helpful to. For example as in the initial example Baiersdorf advertises all personal care products under the Nivea family brand and all adhesive products under the tesa family brand . In this way a company can structure its products tter and conduct efficient target group-orient marketing. From a marketing point of view it wouldn’t make much sense to advertise scotch tape and shampoo together. In addition new products compar to the single brand strategycan brought to market more quickly.

Market these product groups independently

Cost effectively However this also presupposes that the brand is already well known. New products of the variety nefit from the image of the Algeria Phone Number List advantage. This marketing strategy thus uses the uniform brand name and its recognition value to market new products. Customers perceive the brand more quickly and can quickly classify new products. For example you probably know that products from the Nivea brand long to the personal care and cosmetics sector and automatically associate this brand with it. Overall this means that all products are heavily dependent on the brand identity or image of the family brand.

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Family brand giving companies a competitive

With each expansion of the product range this brand identity comesfurther strengthen. Of course this only happens if the customers continue KY Lists to satisfi with the products. Digital Brand ManagerDIM The family brand strategy can and umbrella brand strategy. If a company has a very high variety of products it is usually not worthwhile to market the different products individually. In order to address different target groups in a focus manner the family brand strategy can us instead of the umbrella brand strategy. Prof. Managing Director at the German Institute for Marketing Disadvantages of the family brand strategy Just as a good image can nefit from a family brand strategy in the worst case a bad image can damage.

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