For whom less Performance Marketing Continuing ucation . Performance Marketing – Term and Definition For legitimate reasons the English term performanceis in performance marketing . In this Context it is most aptly translat as measurable performance. By specifically focusing all marketing measures on the categories of reach interaction and transaction marketing tools can  appli to the functional areas of positioning marketing and sales. a tter measurability of the activities. It is therefore a strongly performance-orient approach. Due to the good measurability performance marketing is often equat with online marketing measures. However this is not correct. Performance marketing comes interesting in.

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The marketing mix for many advertisers this is also due to the cost-efficient option of ing able to optimize measures in real time. Prof. Dr. Michael Denmark Cell Phone Number List rneckeralign marketing activities transparently and effectively with the goals of reach interaction and transaction .- Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker MD of the German Institute for Marketing .  order to successfully implement performance marketing in a company a specific mindset is requir. This can  understood as the (inner) attitude / attitude and way of thinking. Successful performance marketing can only  realiz if a performance marketing mindset is livwith the various elements in the company. Performance marketing mindset Customer CentricityWe put the customer and his nes at the center of all our efforts Thinking in effect We focus on the effect.

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Performance marketing aims to

Want to work effectively and efficiently Formulate measurable goals & measuresFor every marketing measure we always formulate performance KY Lists goals that ne to  achiev. KPIs and OKRs are a matter of course for us Learning from (missing) successesWe are constantly developing by using successes and failures as an opportunity for future optimization Budget allocationNo silo thinking We use people and budgets where they are ne for the necessary learning and memory process for the customer. Only then can the customer store the brand in his world of perception in the long term. The brand must realize its positioning at.

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