The aim of mapping and analyzing the value chain is. To uncover potential for rationalization and differentiation  which. Serves as the basis for a more efficient design of internal company processes. This saves time and money and . Performance Marketing Seminar Our performance marketing seminar gives you a compact Wardley Mapping Strategy planning in the VUCA world Corporate strategies in a dynamically changing world are a real challenge for everyone. Which priorities do you have to set What options for action exist and how can you develop your own business area Simon Wardley has develop a planning tool.

Generates competitive advantages

That provides helpful insights in this context. Every manager is inevitably fac with the question of how the company and its value chain must Accordingly Honduras Phone Number List a Wardley Map provides a map with two dimensions On the one hand the value chain is mapp from customer nes (high external visibility) to internal resources. On the other hand the individual building blocks of the value chain are classifi according to their life cycle. Are there innovative completely new elements are there customer-relat solutions are there products.

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Adapt to a changing environment.

Solutions on the market or are they standard commodities. Certificate course Business Development Manager DIM Wardley Mapping Wardley KY Lists Map shows some connectionsA simple example shows what a Wardley Map might look like for a regional commercial bank. Customers have requirements for the banksupport with business simple/fast service high-performance solutions and of course low fees. The bank offers comprehensive advice financing insurance and pension solutions. Communication and advice can take place via consultants a video chat or chatbots. For the realization of the products and consulting services the bank nes technical systems such as a portal a CRM solution and of course data and an.

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