From Absolut is so simple and yet striking that it has a high recognition value. This has always en well process on posters but it only came a trademark through the advertising campaign . For example the advertisements show pillars from  of the Absolut bottle. At the bottom of the picture was written Absolutely Athens. Something similar was design for many other major cities. The goal was to create a connection tween the city and Absolut Vodka . The campaign has successfully run for years and is the longest uninterrupt campaign ever. . Our conclusion An absolutely successful campaign that shows how storytelling can  us to create something exciting and unique from an inconspicuous product! advertising campaign advertising campaign advertising campaign Promotional campaign.

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A diamond is forever The company creat the wding ring industry with De ers’ A Diamond is forever campaign. It wasn’t easy but De ers advertis that the Ukraine Phone Number List only way to truly seal a marriage is with a diamond ring. The long-term goal of the advertising campaign was that at some point everyone would buy such a ring for their wding cause marriage without a ring is not consider perfect. As a result the expensive wding ring came a luxury that nobody want to do without. of how marketing can turn an object into a covet luxury item. advertising campaign Advertising campaign # Dos Equis The Most Interesting Man In The World The sentence I don’t always drink er but when I do I prefer Dos Equis Stay thirsty my friends came a classic.

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That simple bottle spawn  ads

The advertising campaignabout the most interesting man in the world was launch in . The idea came about when the responsible creative people at KY Lists EuroRSCG made fun of the assignment cause the target group of Dos Equis was describ in a completely unrealistic way. The Most Interesting Man In The World is a graying man who has already achiev and experienc a lot in his life. The spots show flashbacks of adventures from his past. For example he jumps out of a plane and parachutes onto a boat while an off-voice says he’s won trophies for his poker face alone. The goal was to sell a er that would make them interesting to young men.

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