Concept that aims to enjoy conversation and empathetic customer dialogue. telephone survey Touch emotionally A conversation is rememr when it touches you emotionally. Then a conversation comes a storythat is also told which the company  to win more customers. What touches customers are conversational experiences that address their situation reflect their situation emotionally and st of all take it up with humor. This also increases trust and the willingness to listen to new suggestions during the conversation. make customers smile An innovative communication concept must start right here The aim is to touch.

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Customers emotionally with Emotional Power to make them smile ideally to make them laugh. The communication should feel personal Malaysia Phone Number List conversation. If that succes communication takes the next leap in qualitycustomers and employees have fun and come happier. The comes real. Communicate alert and alert The principle is as individual as employees and customers. That’s why it’s not about empty phrases but about attention and alertness in the conversation. Anyone who communicates mindfully experiences themselves as confident enjoys the conversation is proud of their achievement and above.

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All easily finds good starting points for sales formulations. It is also helpful for this alert communication to leave the path of routine again and again. A KY Lists different way to start a conversation a new farewell that keeps you awake and alert. suchMrs. Müller I have very good news for you today we will refund you the full purchase price even if the guarantee period has already expirEmpathy and humor ne courage – in management and employees A humorous remark is always a moment of surprise that touches customers emotionally. The employee laughs his way into the heart of the customer with humor. Such extraordinary dialogues ne courage like all situations in which empathy is requir. Management also nes courage That is why the change.

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