Open Badges Metadata Open Badges include built-in metadata . These are integrat into the Open Badges using the JavaScript object notation JSON . In this way  Open Badges verify themselves as a seal of quality and serve as qualifiable proof of certain learning successes.  of the badge and the details about the recipient of the badge are elementary for the metadata. In addition the award criteria for the badges must  present i.e. the issuer of the badge must explain which specific services have en provid or goals have en achiev that justify the award of the badge. An issue date completes the background information.

The information about the publisher

Open Badges process flow Open Badges – what exactly is hind it Open badges represent a sub-area of ​​open ucation. Open ucation is characteriz by Anhui Mobile Phone Number List the ucational policy of making ucation freely available and thus giving everyone the opportunity to ucate themselves and continue their ucation. The Mozilla Foundation and the MacArthur  development of the Open Badges. They were officially launch on Septemr  and are now own by the Mozilla Foundation. Since information about the skills acquir and information about the issuer and recipient of the badges is transmitt via the metadata data security is essential. This is what the GDPR is for(General Data Protection Regulation a regulation of the European Union Data backup.

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Foundation are responsible for the

Is subject to European jurisdiction and is therefore GDPR-compliant. The add value for ucational institutions On the one hand and creative way KY Lists of recognizing the achievements of learners. Further ucation institutions can also distribute badges for subcategories as well as higher-level badges that combine several smaller badges. With earning badges and collecting multiple awards comes a playful approach as well. Thus Open Badges cutalso the topic of gamification. Earning and collecting meaningful and visually appealing badges keeps learners motivat and helps them actually achieve and complete their.

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