By sharing her know-how in magazines blogs and journals. With empathy and humor – connect customers emotionallyvotes) Ensuring and maintaining sales orientation in the office is a challenge. The back office employees are. Challeng differently in everyday life than the field service which. Per se always has the customer in its sights.  the high burden on employees with a wide variety of activities always new  but not least the much-cit inner weak dog mean that the customer focus quickly slips out of sight – despite the fact that there are usually many customer contacts a day The clerk mentality.

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Easily prevails again and again. Measurably more satisfi customers and employees – Jump over the The office worker sees himself more as a problem Japan Phone Number List solver than as an active customer winner. They do not recognize their importance for customer satisfaction and thus for the next purchase. This has two main consequencesfirstly the customer’s nes are not recogniz in many discussions or are not taken up and address. Secondly many back office employees are therefore attach to the last decisive percentThey are stuck at the NPS value . That means they have good but not particularly noticeable conversations. The customer satisfaction index NSP Net Promoter Score.

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The pitfalls of everyday life

Is the evaluation index for the degree of emotional customer loyalty and thus also the willingness to recommend. Only if the customer votes a value KY Lists above on a scale of to is this consider high customer satisfaction. includ in the overall ratingThese are the customers who are emotionally bound the fans who recommend the company to others. The jump from a good conversation (rating tween and ) to one with a top level is not easy. ing even friendlier showing even more understanding is not enough. The hurdle can often only  overcome with a new surprisingly different havior. The leap towards and in the sales direction of recognizing and addressing nessucces with Emotional Power with a new.

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