Help Create a target group list on Facebook Next. Create your target group list in the ad manager in the Target group tab. Here you should select the option Create. Custom Audienceconfirm the terms and conditions and you will receive a code snippet. Create Custom Audiences . Place Facebook pixel code on the website In order for your website visitors to  identifi the code generat in the previous step the so-call Facebook pixel must  plac on your website. This is done within a few minutes and works as followsCopy the generat code and place it tween the <head> and </head> tags on all your pages. Complete If you cannot integrate the code yourself.

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Then forward the code to your developers they will know what to do. Now it’s time to wait cause the target group must contain at least users. enough List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers then you can move on to the next step Create audience  your website and the numr of potential users is large enough (more than users) you can create your target group. Name your target group optionally add a description and choose who exactly you want to address. Custom AudienceTarget group You can select visitors to the entire website or just visitors to specific subpages. It is very important that you.

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Define the duration of the time recording for your pixel hereHow long should your potential website visitor  address with your advertising message KY Lists after they have visit your website The maximum duration of the remarketing campaign on Facebook is days. Facebook remarketingcreate a target group Now click on Create target group . By the wayYou can call up the target group at any time via the Target group tab in your ad manager. Download Facebook Retargetingas a PDF . Create ad After you have determin the target group.

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