Management Online Marketing Seminar Our online marketing seminar is suitable for all marketing managers and employees who want to use the modern possibilities of the internet. In the seminar you will learn how to  website  win new customers and generate more sales. Mon Online marketing compactin Cologne or online Inform now   or online Inform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry, fully book. What types of study are there? If you want to study marketing , you can choose from a wide range of different.

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Courses A marketing degree can  complet as a bachelor s or master s degree and allows students to choose a focus that corresponds to their Country Email List personal interests. For example, students can combine their studies in marketing with business administration or management, opt for an international orientation of their studies or choose a dual study program that guarantees a high level of practical relevance. A business administration degree with a focus on marketing can  worthwhile for those who are not yet sure whether they want to gain a foothold in marketing later and prefer to remain flexible professionally. The standard period of study for a bachelor’s degree.

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In marketing is around six semesters. In addition to the classic full-time course at a college or university, where students can fully concentrate on their KY Lists studies, there are also flexible models, such as part-time or dual courses.  for professionals who want to juggle work and studies. Here not only theoretical knowlge is impart, students can put what they have learn directly into practice. But a distance learning course is also a good opportunity for professionals to further their ucation online or to gain a foothold in a new area. Distance learning is also ideal for phases of reorientation. A distance learning courseis often associat with higher costs. 

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