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Of real-time information for a marketing-orientdigital activity. Trending Topics can be us to trigger an interaction with the community. Creative content relat to a current topic can arouse the interest of followers and trigger a surprise effect. The use of real-time contentdoes not appear to users as a classic marketing measurebut is usually perceiv as an enrichment in the newsfe. The willingness to share such content is also higher. Social mia monitoring tools such as Brandwatch can help to identify suitable current topics for your own brand/company . But there are also a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to real-time content be compatible with your corporate strategy . Online Marketing Trends.

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Enterprise Social Networks & Enterprise Marketing Suits Almost every company and almost every employee now has their own profile in various Singapore Phone Number List social networks such as FacebookXINGetc. In order for the different components to be able to otherit is important that there is a regular exchange of information within the company. Enterprise Social Networks & Enterprise Marketing Suits enable companies and customers to participate in real-time marketing campaigns and to manage processes. Enterprise marketing management others make marketing more efficient and ruce the associat costs through automation. branding The last aspect of the online marketing trends ( is digital employer branding. Digital employer branding is mainly about finding and retaining new employees via the.

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Mium of the internet. Career portals are no longer a rarity. They offer companies and job seekers the opportunity to call up various background KY Lists informationsearch for specific target groups and receive specific application tips. They also increase findability (SEO. Within digital employer brandingthere are three options for online marketing that determine the further application process Minimum strategy No SEOno textno form = no applicants Online Target group-orient portal with textEmployee survey – useprocure and tips .votes Employee surveys improve the general working atmosphere at regular intervals – regardless of whether in a large company or in a small business. They not only increase the motivation and commitment of the employeesbut also enable a more.

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