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Here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content Key Account Management Key Account Management is an important  Customer Value Management. This is about looking after key customers. For examplethis can be the customer group that has a particularly high customer value. One or more responsible key account managers then take care of the key customers and ensure that they remain customers of the company in the future. Reporting Reporting is the evaluation of sales controlling . For this purposethe key figures mention are measur and comparisons are drawn with previous investigation periods.

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This makes it clear what development has taken place. Reporting canfor exampletake place monthly in order to promptly and continuously optimize Malaysia Phone Number List sales activities. In practice This is how sales controlling works in the company Sales controllingan identical pattern. First of alla sales strategy is developwhich incorporates different aspects. In the first stepa precise target group is defin and the desir competitive advantages are record. The individual sales channels must be considerand at the same time the specifications for the pricing policybe set up.  been discussthe sales strategy can be implement. For this purposea period of time is defin in advanceafter which the reporting is then carri out.

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In this evaluationin turnthe different key figures of the strategy or controlling are consider in order to measure the success of the sales strategy. If the KY Lists key figures show a stagnating development or strong fluctuationsoptimizations are necessary. These should be implement promptly and their effects analyz in the next report. Ideallycompanies will find a sales strategy in this way that can be us to record better numbers over the long term. Howeverone should always bear in mindespecially with long-term planningthat circumstances can change and the demands of the target group may also change. And thatof coursehas an impact on sales and its success. Regular measurement of success and corresponding adjustments to.

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