Increase through the creation and delivery of high-quality content. You can download the study with detail results and further information here publikationen/der-roi-von-hochwertem-contentContent Marketing – Study by SCM and Kammann Rossi A study on Content Marketing in GermanyWhat’s the Real nefit was conduct by Kammann Rossi and SCM to determine the success of content marketing. The main focus was on new customer acquisition sales image opinion leadership winning fans and lead generation. A total of participants took part in the online survey in Septemr and Octor . The resultContent marketing achieves.

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Success in terms of visitor numrs on the website and blog follower numrs in social networks interactions as well as leads and customer numrs.  marketing is Australia Phone Number List worthwhile  but is not fully exploit by many companies. You can download the study here:Content marketing in GermanyWhat is the real nefit Study Native Advertising in Europe to by Yahoo In its study Yahoo presents a trend analysis on the subject of native advertising . Accordingly the native advertising format will grow significantly in the major online advertising markets D UK F. The study assumes that in native advertising will have a market sharegood reputation must work with.

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Digital advertising. The study is an expert survey among agency managers. Operat by Yahoo. Yahoo provides more information hereYAHOO The KY Lists Science of Engagement Study BBS StoryWorks also recently publish a study  which was carri out in cooperation with CrowdEmotion among  Internet users.  an understanding of how companies can use their brands through content-driven marketing to inspire customers and bind them to the brand. The core findings of the study can  found hereBBC Digital Content Marketing . B B content marketing study The American Content Marketing Institute has now present the th Content Marketing Study. 

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