Email The advantage You save yourself work and still give your customer a feeling of trust and exchange. Personalization via  mention marketing automation does not mean sending thousands of spam mails – personaliz speeches are the -all and end-all in customer contact. With the right systems this has long since ceas to  a problem even with automat processes. The action sequences can  tailor to the havior of the user. Personalization does not only refer to the name of your customer – all available information can  us. For example many travel platforms send tailor options and activities for the next travel destination. As long as the customer shows interest and this persists intelligent systems can store the havior and thus provide tailor-made information – as long as this is desir. Monitoring and success control Even.

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If you use good marketing automation software  you will not  able to avoid checking your own success . On the one hand you have to check regularly Panama Phone Number List whether the system is working properly – that means you have to check and update the databases. details are correct and if necessary carry out an update – for example you have to remove contacts that were not automatically delet from the database update outdat data or possibly add new customers manually. check whether your marketing automation is efficient. Do your automat workflows lead to success Does automation make lead management easier for you What are the current figures – do they confirm success For example do you control how.

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Many leads reach your website and are record via the automat processes How many people respond to the call-to-action items Secure yourself and control KY Lists your progress. Still not using Marketing Automation Here are good reasons why it’s high time! . Gain time Marketing automation enables you to automate campaigns and emails that you currently still carry out manually. However manual campaigns are often time-consuming. Want to engage more with customers who sign up in the past few weeks If you do this manually you will ne a lot of time – and it is not always easy to do it in a structur way. Marketing Automation allows you to perform this type of task using prefin flows. Let’s go back to our example you only have to.

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