Success of your conversion optimization bas on the change in so-call conversion rates CR. This then nes to  optimiz = Conversion Rate Optimization. This means that as a starting point you relate sizes in order to form a conversion rate to  optimiz.  course How to form conversion rates A simple example of conversion optimization You have  visitors to your website per month  of them find their way to your shop and of these an average of users make a purchase. Depending on the viewing direction this results in different conversion rates Now you can set up.

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Hypotheses take conversion optimization measures  test and analyze whether the CR can  increas by implementing the measures. Measures for conversion China Phone Number List optimization Conversion optimization takes staying power.  a continuous and not finite process.  time to analyze measures and bring about lasting improvements. Changes in the market competition offers prices relevance and search havior can also quickly destroy your optimizations. You can divide conversion optimization measures into the following five main categories Technology architecture and structure design and lay-out content and offer communication Conversion optimization measures Technology Technical aspects as the basis for.

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Conversion optimization essentially relate to the technically clean setup of your website. For example ensure that all pages on your website can  fully KY Lists index by Google. images videos and don’t forget that your website is also responsive i.e. mobile-optimiz. architecture and structure An intelligent page architecture contributes to conversion optimization . Therefore create a structure that gives users orientation. It doesn t matter whether it s the start page landing page or online shop if users know where they are and change proce successively with your testing. Do not change several parameters at once but one after the.

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