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Ranking Keyword accumulation Keywords should only appear in the text in a meaningful quantity. Wiki spam bookmark spam  services can lead to a link recognizable by search engines. Possible Consequences of Black Hat SEO Search engines evaluate the websites according to natural links appropriate to the content of the site and bas on good quality. Among other things the ranking of the search results is creat on this basis. If website operators use Black Hat SEO measures intensively you must expect to be exclud from the indices of the various search engines. . What actually is White Hat SEO White hat SEO refers to all search.

Wikis and social bookmarking

Engine optimization measures that are operat legally. Pages that are optimiz for the search engines with White Hat SEO measures do not run the risk of Ireland Phone Number List being penaliz by search engines such as Google. White Hat SEO measures clearly visitor so that he/she gets the greatest possible benefit from the site. In this way the page or a contribution is deliberately optimiz for the user and not for the search engines. Pages that are optimiz with White Hat SEO measures provide the visitor with interesting content which provides a variety of.

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Optimize the site for the

Information on a specific topic. The site is design to be particularly user-friendly and contains as much support as possible so that the content is KY Lists understandable for the reader. This also includes good readability of the text.  engines but also off-page work significantly increase the popularity of the domains. White hat SEO measures usually do not have an immiate effect on the search engine ranking but rather have a long-term effect. However these measures make sense in any case since the search engines recognize unfair on-page codes and then penalize these pages. Read more about White Hat SEO and the term White.

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