Relation to Germany. However this occurs if only in the third order not directly through online trading but through the time that has become free for customers. Put simply if you don’t have to get in your car and go to the retail store you have more time to use energy in other ways. Especially since there would be less potential for savings here by  more pronounc in the USA. The logistics If you look at the pure energy consumption the logistics of online trade do not pose an environmental problem as the study shows. On the contrary the more purchases are transferr from the offline to the online world the more optimally.

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The logistics industry is utiliz. This applies even if more vehicles have to be on the road for this – even an enormously large fleet of delivery vans uses less Tongliao Phone Number List energy than private transport. However the problem is this: Referring primarily to  not falling to the same extent as online trade is increasing. Delivery vehicles also ultimately have emissions even if they are electrically power (which currently only applies to a small minority). In a way the fact that every household is deliver to their doorstep fragments the benefits puts a strain.

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On transport infrastructure and in turn has a negative impact on the environment. A current research work of the Feral Environment Agency formulates KY Lists it as follows: The increasing online trade will significantly processes in residential areas [] Against the background of increasing FMCG deliveries (fast-moving consumer goods – everyday goods) it can be assum that the majority of deliveries will be home deliveries ; Thus the additional traffic will burden the residential areas across the board and not at specific points (pick-up points) Here too it is true that emissions fall the more the more private trips become superfluous thanks to online trading and the more.

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