Concrete and measurable add value should be creat for the company. The KPI for the sales measures is the transaction for example the number of conversions or follow-up projects generat. Examples of marketing KPIs With the help of the canvas three levels for KPIs can be defin: Reach KPIs The reach of communication measures gives an from the target group address were reach. These contacts are to be shown differently depending on the instrument. Some examples: ition – for print matter Visits – for online mia Visitors – at events/fairs This key figure gives a first impression of the effectiveness of the measure. After the reach metric has represent the number of people reach the engagement metric indicates what activity has.

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Taken place with the target audience. Interaction KPIs An interaction denotes a more qualifi and thus higher quality contact. Interactions are the Iran Phone Number List result of the communication measures when the contact has dealt more intensively with the means of communication. Depending on the communication tool these can be different key figures: Some examples:  card at a trade fair Visits to a website that remain more than two minutes Number of read receipts sent emails Number of retweets likes and shares on various social mia platforms Transaction KPIs Transaction-relat key figures help to identify and measure the final impact of the.

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Interlocutors who left a business

Communication measures. Some examples: Number of complet orders Number of returning top customers  gain When selecting metrics for a KY Lists single instrument both absolute and relative metrics should be consider. For example the number of visitors to a trade fair stand is an absolute number. This in relation to the total number of visitors to the trade fair reflects an exploitation rate (= relative indicator. The individual key figures must be select depending on the various instruments. The key figures should then be specifi and measur for each application.

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