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Of missing out on the opportunities offer by the Internet is the H&M brand. In the opinion of many expertsthe company has reli on its physical stores for too long and overslept the expansion of the online business with the help of a highly rank website. For this reasonit is advisable for a company to deal with the topic of Googlebot and to take appropriate optimization measures of the website content to ensure that the bots crawl the site as frequently and deeply as possiblefind new content and are index in the search index decide by Google.

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In this respecta good result of the bot work is an important indication of the success of a modern marketing strategy. The application of search Turkey Phone Number List engine optimization as part of an SEO contest In an SEO contest Search  optimization competition the participants try to be list as high as possible in a search engine using fictitious words/keywords. The website that appears in first place in the search enginefor example Googleon a specific date or according to a defin point system wins the SEO contest Such a contest offers.

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Website operators the opportunity to try. Out new strategies in the context of search engine. Optimization and to observe the effect of. Existing strategies KY Lists contests are suspect of spamming the search engines with. The content artificially creat specifically for the contest. How ever the real search results cannot be falsifi by the mostly fictitious  no queries. On the contrary competitions can even identify weaknesses in the. Search and evaluation processes of the search. Engines and thus lead to an improvement in the search engine. The Cinestock SEO Contest is currently taking. Placein which the aim is to rank for either the fictitious keyword. Black Hat Sith or White Hat Ji in the generic search result of Google There are various reasons.

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