Institute for Marketing are therefore now ing held as so-call hybrid seminars: as face-to-face events or alternatively live in virtual format.upcoming topics Our current seminars in Cologne: Mon Instagram marketingin Cologne Inform now Tuesday Produce seminar videos for social mia yourse lfin Cologne Inform now Tuesday Customer Journey – Development and design of the customer journeyin Cologne Inform now Tuesday Google Adsin Cologne Inform now W. Strategic Marketing with Prof. in Cologne Inform now Thursday Marketing and sales controlling with Prof. Dr.  in Cologne Inform now Legend.

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Free places available.Only a few places left! Of course the protection of our seminar participants lecturers and employees is our top priority.  measures to Ivory Coast Phone Number List ensure safe participation in the seminar: We have ruc the maximum number of participants for our seminars in Cologne to people! The minimum distance of . meters is guarante at all times by our large spacious seminar rooms. You will receive full board including lunch in the seminar room so that it is not necessary to leave the building during the seminar times. After each.

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Seminar break all door handles and other objects that are touch regularly are clean. Disinfectants for your own use are also available in sufficient KY Lists quantities. Here you can get a first impression of our premises: rooms If you still have concerns about your participation on site you can still take part in our seminars virtually . Your advantages of the virtual implementation at a glance: Thanks to our innovative technologyZoom Nureva Wall etc. a real seminar atmosphere remains No travel and accommodation costs No risk of infection If necessary this regulation also applies to plann in-houBrand communication – actively bringing the brand to the customer votes Brand communication deals with the central This is often the case in the capital goods market. A global sales market exists when a company offers its products.

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