Corporate management market and competition strategy and positioning Offer portfolio pricing and communication logistics and distribution Digitization and technological know-how Facing up to continuous change appears to  an  traditional family businesses that have exist for several generations. It is not uncommon for important developments to  notic too late and it is ultimately only possible to react but no longer act. The competitive advantages of family businesses are often bas on the following points There is a high level of awareness at least regionally Consumers trust family businesses and see them as particularly crible Family.

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Businesses are consider attractive employers in the region Play out these advantages for you and your family business. Show a friendly and stay in touch Sweden Phone Numbers List with the people of the region. Marketing Manager  A viable concept for family businesses therefore includes the family perspective on the one hand and the entrepreneurial perspective on the other. Both are ultimately inextricably link and influence each other. Due to the difference in content they should nevertheless  consider separately.

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Family perspective This is about the very human view of things. Aside from skills and abilities personal constellations often play a significant role in the family KY Lists context. Traditional power relations misunderstandings of roles or excessive expectations are sometimes even more important in family businesses than in non-family businesses. As part of a concept for family businesses it is imperative that this topic  openly address. Especially when succession arrangements are made. entrepreneurial perspective In order not to  negatively surpris by developments on the markets install modern and suitable early warning systems in your family business . They will help you to perceive imminent changes in good time and to  able to act. In addition an approachable and innovative attitude helps not to miss trends Also give.

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