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Collectively than all measures only piecemeal. At the end of the lecture it becomes clear that video marketing is not hype but only well plann and well thought-out content can also bring success. Björn Tantau a renown keynote speaker and blogger in online marketing (only unknown to two people in the hallshow how you can via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp . Potential customers can be reach directly via messenger marketing. Subscribers receive information via push messages. A particularly valuable measure as these are neither filter by algorithms nor can they currently end up in the spam folder.

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In steps Tantau explain how chatbots can be us to address customers precisely and with interesting content.  of input for future measures. Facebook Russia Phone Number List advertising: tips in minutesThe title promis an enormous amount of input in a short amount of time and that’s exactly what happen. Lars Budde brought in so many tips in the  lost track. In any case we are looking forward to the presentation documents so that we can look through the amount of information again at our leisure. Our way on the OMTPart III After a short coffee break we went to the OMT Website Clinicfurther. At first we couldn’t.

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Imagine what this ½ hour slot would be like and we were pleasantly surpris. A complete website was analyz in advance divid into categories. Before KY Lists the OMT operators could apply with their website for the OMT Website Clinic. Each speaker had minutes to present their findings and tips on the website. All areas were consider from search engine optimization to legal issues. Thomas Mindnich in particular was convincing with his lively and brutally honest presentation on the subject of content. The criticism was sometimes very clear but also constructive. Nevertheless the whole room had some.

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