Typical development phases in organizational dynamics and the resulting change requirements in times of growth. The success of entrepreneurial activity usually leads to above-average growth in the market.  is purely coincidental and completely unprictable but mostly the result of the consistent implementation of suitable growth strategies. However the positive confirmation from the market all too easily hides the fact that there are dangers lurking for the company in the event of particularly strong or sustain growth. Greiner ‘s growth model shows.

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The individual phases of growth with their potential crises. On the relevance of Greiner’s phase model The realization that in the course of their successful existence companies almost automatically find themselves in difficult or crisis phases is not new. The reason for this is not (exclusively) that the environment – ​​for whatever reason – has chang. The growth of the company which is usually associat with success means that sometimes enormous Cayman Islands Phone Number List changes and above all change processes have to be master. Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker The growth model according to Larry E. Greiner is an approach to explaining organizational.

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Dynamics and describes the typical development phases and the resulting change requirements. Prof. Dr.  for Marketing Of course this is particularly KY Lists evident in young companies the start-ups or in establish companies in booming markets. But even in less expos sectors and markets which allow for constant growth for providers who work more inconspicuously and solidly very specific phases can be differentiat that conjure up different crises and place different demands on the structures of the company . Growth model according to Greiner – representation DIM In the expand model of the original -phase approach phases can be differentiat each of which generates very special requirements and in turn.

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