Is it about the sale of elevators. Bas on the idea of ​​US salespeople to convince customers and supervisors of a project within an elevator ride  remains today. However the basic idea is the same. Mastering all relevant information and the ability to inspire in a short presentation of about seconds – that is the art of the elevator pitch. The following article clearly summarizes the steps to  follow on the way to an impressive short presentation. Elevator pitch in everyday work – where to use it The elevator pitch is always a self-presentation.

Only the name of the elevator

Either of a person or a project a certain product or a plan for further action. The possibilities in which situations arise for an elevator pitch are correspondingly Shandong Mobile Phone Number List diverse . All network situations deserve special mention here . in particular are opportunities where new customers or investors want to  convinc of innovations or new (business) ideas in a short time. With elevator pitches in mind it’s easier to get to the point in technical small talk . The same applies to job interviews for a new positionEspecially in marketing  there is little more convincing than a successful self-presentation – after all it is the applicant’s calling.

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Trade fairs congresses and conferences

Card for his work. The most classic form of the elevator pitch is found in a customer conversation – but the power of a good elevator pitch should not KY Lists underestimat on the phone either after all the word is even more in the focus of the listener’s attention than in a personal meeting. Basic sales training Would you like to get to know other  and business partners In the Basic Sales Trainingseminar you will learn exactly that Fri / / sales seminarwith Claudia Harich in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places leftSorry fully book. Keeping the goal in mind is the key to a successful elevator pitch What distinguishes the elevator pitch from a regular business presentation is the short time allott.

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